31 days of looking up

Someone who has inspired me, though she wouldn’t know it, is Myquillyn Smith, and she blogs here. She’s hosting a writing challenge for October, where each day we post a new thing related to our chosen theme. I decided to join, though I’m going to be posting via Instagram. You can see my photos in the right-hand column or below and click on them!

I have been thinking about what I should focus on for this month, and over the past couple of days I have had multiple realizations about the benefits of looking up. Yesterday I looked up while I was on the metro and saw all the cables that connect the trains to power, and it fascinated me. An awful lot of our world is above our eye level, but we let ourselves sink into ruts of habit and never see beyond our phones and our footsteps.

I hope these little glimpses into  the world above my head will encourage you to gaze on what takes place above yours. There is so much more than us.