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This word has multiple meanings, because English. The first one that comes to mind this morning is length, extent. We are about to have a cherished friend live with us for two months, which is a long time. Hubs is going to be in school, losing sleep and forcing his brain to expand, for at least 2-3 more years before he finishes his master’s degree. That is a long time. I really miss my family and we get to see them at Christmas, but that is a long time from now, although it has been longer in the past (such as yesterday). And that will be a very long drive.

And now, friend, I feel quite tired. In fact, I have felt tired for a long time. But in this short bit of time I have to write, you know what I’m realizing?

God has been around for a bit longer. His reign over all creation is vast and far exceeds the time I’ve been dealing with hard things. And talk about long-suffering love. He has the monopoly on it. He has known me for a long time, loved me for all of it, and for all of it I have been hard to love.

He is so strong and faithful, and I am here really but for a breath. So these things I have, these things that make me tired because they’ll be part of my life for so long – they are small in God’s hands and more than easy for Him to handle.

So I can rest here, for a long time, for eternity. There is no one who will love me longer than my God.


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6 thoughts on “five minute friday … long

  1. Hi! I’m visiting from fmf today.

    We invited somebody to come live with us, too! But for a bit longer than two months – two semesters of college. So far, things are going well for us! But yeah, it’s a long time.

    • That is a wonderful thing to do. Is this an international student or someone you already know? Either way, bless you. 🙂 And thank you for reading!

    • Annette, it is hard for me to fathom that not only is this love eternal, it is simultaneous to my rebellion. Floored.

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