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As I consider this past year in remission, I returned to these old journaling thoughts from March 2016 and thought I’d share them. And I’m praying for my heart to be as it was then – confident in the love of Christ.




Sometimes I feel overwhelmed thinking about the future and what it could entail. I could relapse and be fighting this disease for so much longer. And it already feels so long. But the day after I was diagnosed, God let me say, “This is what’s happening now.” He helped me live in the present, and in the present there is neither bitterness for the past, nor worry for the future. Things just are. It just is. I just am. And God is with me. In the present no dreams are in jeopardy – it’s only whatever’s being lived out in the moment. No future hopes are shaking or crumbling, although false sources of current hope might be, those earthly foundations that don’t last. In the present is where we find God’s peace. You don’t plan for it, and you don’t survive on past gifts of peace. But right now there is peace for you.

The present is the only time you can experience God’s presence – or anything, for that matter. To think about what could be my life in a few months or in a year is to invite fear into my present, is to say that what I must do with this very moment is to fear some future moments. And that is not a good use for this moment. This moment should be spent with God, experiencing something true, something that already is, some real joy or real sorrow, the presence of the Lord, an idea, a place, a person. That’s what this moment is for. It’s for perfect love, and perfect love doesn’t let fear remain. Only faith and hope and above all, love.

The present is for love. What’s happening now is love. What’s happening now is God is with me. What’s happening now is I am weak and tired and I have chemo in my body and a line in my arm and I have no hair. Also, I’m not supposed to be left alone, and my immune system can’t protect me. Also, God is with me. So love is with me. So what’s happening now is love. And maybe God is revealing Himself to me. Maybe He’s shaping my heart like the good Potter He is. Maybe He’s healing me. But for sure, He’s loving me. This moment, God wrote and is writing. And in it He’s being Himself, that perfect, steadfast love. What’s happening is the sun is shining in my eyes and I’m eating a donut and the world is spinning and hurting and all the while God is just loving. He loves me and He did love me, to the very very end. And He’ll keep on, and then some.

The future could be naught but joy and things I call beautiful. I’m not in the future, though, and I never will be. I will always be in this present moment, and the more I am present to it, the better for my wandering heart.

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  1. I’ve always loved how God has used your writings, your vision, your thoughts in the very simple flower, leaf, tree, bird, sunlight – how you see God’s love and feel His very presence in your daily life. I love how you cherish each friend. You really should write a book,”God’s Miracles!”

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